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Those plentiful Winn-Dixie coupons expired in December. Official site of Publix investor relations, including Publix stock price, dividends, investor history and archived SEC filings. See what makes Publix the grocery store where shopping is a pleasure. Publix Grocery Deli - Pompano Beach, Florida Information, coupons, photos, menu, reservations, delivery, ratings, telephone and contact information. Arla Cream. Below is a list of grocery stores located in Florida which offer.

Alright Publix shoppers, get your printers ready because there are 17 new Publix store coupons today. You may not need all of them, but they will likely go fast, so grab the ones you want soon. Publix operates over 1, supermarkets in Florida, Georgia,. These are all store coupons and they CAN be used with manufacturer coupons.

Publix restricts coupons: Publix changes coupon policy. Like us on Facebook. Just an FYI. God Bless you all for doing this for — especially our Senior Veterans!! Reply Yes, I will not put my money toward such a left winged organization, no matter how much it may save me, however I have been looking for an alternative. I am in serious trouble financially due to being on disability and growing medical bills over what insurance pays. I rely on digital coupons in every store I shop in, by only store brand products, unless I have a coupon that gives me a better deal, can hardly afford any meat.

I applied over 2 years ago for help to get assistance from Section 8 housing and I have been sitting at 9 on their list for over a year now. Seems that I keep getting passed over. So frustrating. More venting than anything I guess. Reply 1I love this story! Amen and thanks to your dad. Reply Most stores in Florida offer senior discounts 55 and over. Corporate owned fast food restaurants usually offer discounts, not individually owned fast food in California Florida does offer quite a lot of discounts for people over age I was told Panera restaurant, sells all their baked goods more then half price right before closing too.

Also Farm stands and at flea markets you can get fresh fruits and vegetable cheaper then stores. I buy in bulk and freeze meat and vegetables, it is much cheaper in every way. Just use freezer bags.

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OR get some neighbors or friends together and buy in bulk sharing the larger containers , this is something I do with two widowed ladies. You do NOT have to be a member of the church. Join their food program. It is where they might have families or people and buy in BULK, every week.

Our church has them and its great and fresh foods veggies and fruits fish meat etc. ASK the managers at your local stores what they discount before closing each day , most are perishable foods or older vegetables and fruits. Deli and bakery items too. Good luck, from senior to senior. As for making EXTRA cash, there are several companies that list online for people to rent a extra bedroom a night or two cheaper then a Hotel, Google it. Iron clothes, sew, babysite. Young couples love elderly grandmas as sitter these days.

Hugs Reply I guess you need to check at each store for discounts at the time you shop. Reply Hey I always ask a head of time b4 I buy. Reply You are so right plus I think their ice cream and cream cheese cakes are better than named brand. Good food better low prices. Bring a quarter rent your cart and enjoy your shopping!

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I have not only shopped there for 48 yrs and worked there for 9 years. When you live on a fixed. Income those little discounts help more than some know. I live in central New York and do a lot of my shopping at Wegmans. I am not aware of any senior discounts at their stores.

Ask them if it us every Tuesday or only once a month. I think it us every Tuesday.

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I usually cook at home. But a good discount at a grocery store would be very beneficial. Reply Aldis has a lot more fresh vegs. Reply Love shopping in smaller grocery stores and Fresh Thyme in Nebraska really excellent for better produce and cheaper produce. It is very efficient for the things older handicapped people buy. Judy Tuhy Reply I just recently retired and I am very worried about how me and my husband are gonna make it.

He is on a lot of medication. I have animals that I have to take care of and of course us. I am praying I can find a way around this. Reply Mrs. Baker; go online and look for part-time jobs for senior citizens in your area. Hope this tidbit of information helps you. May God bless you and your family. Bea Reply most towns have really good food banks that give food away. If you ask around you can find them. Of course some are better than others but if you are diligent and patient you can find the best ones and most of them give primo food.

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Ours has organic fresh vegetables. One of the ones here actually has a garden that they give food from. Reply 1. Ask your doctor if he has a discount coupon for each of your particular medicines. Many have coupons. If not, find out from pharmacy or doctor if there is a comparable medicine that is less expensive. You can contact the drug manufacture for your particular medicine and see if they offer a discount card. Many manufacturers offer discounts.

Join a senior center and develop people to share retirement issues with. Also find out what resources they use to survive on retirement pay. If your husband was in military, find out what benefits he is eligible to receive — there are many. Find out what stores and restaurants have senior discounts, and which days.

Be creative and proactive and enjoy your resourcefulness! Develop this list until you are satisfied actually, I never stop. You can do it!

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Reply I am judt happy to be a senior. I went to Harbor Freight brought a couple of items, and asked if they honored Military Veterans, the clerk told me No! Reply YAY! For you, Floyd! Reply I agree BD Sherman. I am a senior ona very low fixed income but i would gladly give up my discount if stores a other public places would honor our Service men as the should.

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Reply Thank you. In fact when I try to pay attention I usually end up w an overdraft notice! Just saying. Have a wonderful day. I very seldom getting take advantage of the discounts because by the time I pay my bill there is nothing left. Reply I live in Friendship area of Pittsburgh and once monthly rec 3 ice a Senior box with non perishable food. The food gives everyone free food once a month. Both programs are sponsored by Community Food Bank Reply Try Publix,they hire part time workers, few days a week available.

Especially seniors students, and the disabled. Reply I had no idea grocery stores are offering discounts to seniors. Reply Boston is cheap with us seniors! You need to get on South 95 and go about miles, until you reach a place call Florida.